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Learn About Our Church’s Worship Service

At Corydon United Methodist Church, we have a pattern of Worship that is rooted in our heritage and experience. In both our sanctuary and live stream service, your worship will be guided by the pastor. We hope this will help you understand what happens during the service and why.

What to Expect

Coming Together

Churchgoers gather in the Sanctuary before the service begins. While waiting, weekly announcements and other important information will be displayed on the screens in the front of the church.

The Entrance

Music starts playing around five minutes before the ceremony commences. The pastor, liturgist, and acolytes (candle lighters) will then come down the aisle of the Sanctuary.

The lighting of candles shall symbolize the light of Christ entering our Worship. The pastor will then welcome the congregation and begin the service.

An Allotted Period for Specific Prayer

Although prayer is an important part of the entire service, there will be a special time when we will share our joys and our concerns with one another. Pastor Janet will say: "Lord in your mercy" after each concern is raised, and the congregation shall respond with "Hear our prayer."

Please complete a prayer request card found in the pew or at the entrance to the church if you have a specific prayer need.

Children’s Moment

From the shortest to the tallest youth of any age are welcome to join the pastor for the story from the Bible.

Proclamation and Response

We honor God in our reading and reflection of the Bible. Attendees also sing hymns and responses that relate to the Scripture and to what is happening in the service.

Taking the Lord’s Supper

Our church holds a service for the Lord's Supper regularly. This communion is open to all, and the congregation comes forward to receive the elements. During COVID-19 we are providing no touch communion.


God has provided us with so much, and the service is an opportunity to give a portion back. Interested individuals can present an offering to show their gratitude for all the blessings they have received. Many often bring food for our emergency food pantry as well.

Sending Forth

At the end of the service, the acolytes will take the light from the altar candles. This act symbolizes our commitment to carry the Light of Christ into the world. Through Worship, we have been filled with God's love, and we can now share that love with other people.

After-Service Activities

Temporarily, during COVID-19 people are gathering outside at a social distance on the sidewalk. When the ceremony has finished, attendees can gather to greet one another. They can also join us at the rear of the Sanctuary for refreshments and fellowship.

Get in Touch With Us

Contact us today if you have any questions about our church in Corydon, Indiana. We would be more than happy to share information about our Worship activities with you.